Every Australian’s dream is to own their own home. This is the largest single investment that most people will purchase in their entire lives so why cut corners and put your future wealth at risk.

Hurry and Associates provide independent advice for purchasers and home owners.

We provide valuations on all residential properties ranging from small units to prestige residential. 

Do not just leave it to an inexperienced valuer. Our valuations are tailor made to satisfy the individual concerns and needs of our clients and will alert you to any possible issues ranging from structural defects to market value.

We value homes for the following reasons:



To make sure you are getting value for money



We provide accurate independent advice to home owners and do not provide a high valuation to achieve selling instructions

Estate Management/Death duties


We provide advice whether it be for sale purposes or minimizing tax.



Provision of valuations in accordance to accounting practices and legal requirements.



We pride ourselves in giving sound and accurate advice and will never take the easy route. We have provided expert evidence in court cases both in Australia and the UK. We are experienced negotiators we will always put the client first and try to avoid but never hide from potential conflict. 

Insurance Purposes


Being Chartered Surveyors we are able to provide advice on the cost of re-building your home. Over insurance means higher premiums. Under insurance results in the Insurers not fully paying out at the time of a claim.


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